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Reflections from the Chancellor

Our Hearts Again Open with Love

This day our hearts again open with love. A meaningless shooting at a college bar in nearby Thousand Oaks resulted…

News & Notes from Alumni Relations

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There are few disciplines where one is “called” to participate and serve. In the religious setting, one often hears of…



CLICK HERE to view full gallery. Photos by Timothy Teague.

Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association Alchemy Poet, Darius Simpson – During Closing Ceremony Darius recites poem from his works, titled “I Pledge Allegiance”.

 Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association Coming Home 2015 – Features “Finding the Gold Within” muse, Darius Simpson drumming.  Darius was among the first class to graduate from the unique Alchemy, Inc. Program in Akron, Ohio, founded by Pacifica Alumni, Kwame Scruggs.

Pacifica Alumni, Kwame Scruggs, Founder & Executive Director of Alchemy, Inc. –  Highlights the development of Alchemy, Inc. and the profound success of the program.  “Our students are hell-bent on disproving society’s stereotypes and low expectations.  They grow before our eyes and we are able to witness the power of myth”, he shares.  Learn more about Darius and other students at

Sharing the Gardens

Pacifica’s Organic Market Garden

What’s available from the Pacifica ‪#‎Organic Garden this week?! Welcome! Marshall is back and raring to get on with market gardening after…

In Memoriam

Finding the Gold Within - a film by Karina Epperlein - 2014 Trailer

Feature-length documentary Finding the Gold Within by award-winning filmmaker Karina Epperlein follows six young Black men through the trials and triumphs of their first three years of college.

Graduates of the unique Ohio mentoring program Alchemy, Inc. – founded by Pacifica Graduate Institute alumni Dr. Kwame Scruggs – they are hell-bent on disproving society's stereotypes and low expectations. They grow before our eyes and we are able to witness the power of myth.

Learn more at



Hillman-Tribute-≥-homepageRemembering James Hillman • 12 April 1926 – 27 October 2011

A Gathering to Offer Tribute and Celebrate the Life and Work of James Hillman convened at the Ladera campus of Pacifica Graduate Institute over the weekend of 2-4 March 2012.

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