Successful Aging

Successful Aging Written By: David Selberg, CEO Hospice of Santa Barbara Charles Caldwell, Director of Strategic Advancement  

Holiday Greetings!

Dear Pacifica Community, Holiday Greetings!  As we move into and through this period of turning of the light, solstice celebration abound, we at Pacifica are entering a “quiet time.”  Gathering [...]

Timely Information re: Local Immigration Resources

Dear Faculty and Staff, The Immigration Response Task Force at Pacifica  emerged out of February’s Town Hall Meeting. This task force is comprised of faculty, staff, and executive-level [...]

The Heart of Change: An Essay by Michael Meade

A frequent explanation for the unexpected election result is that this was a “change election” in which a majority of voters wanted some kind of sweeping change at the national level. Disruption [...]

Further thoughts on the election… by Susan Rowland

Further thoughts on the election… ~ Susan Rowland  Ph.D., Chair of Engaged Humanities & the Creative Life I have had a further depth psychology thought on the election which has changed what [...]

Hello, New Orleans!

As Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Director of Alumni Relations, Dianne Travis-Teague facilitates collaborations between the Office of the Chancellor and the Alumni Association to extend and [...]