Advisory Board

  • Tom Lyon Advisor

    Tom Lyon graduated from St. John’s Seminary College in 1975 after obtaining a B.A. in Philosophy and two minors in English/Literature and Math/Physics. He then entered the Maryknoll Father and Brothers Novitiate in Hingham, Massachusetts where he studied Clinical Pastoral Education.

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  • Ed Santana Advisor

    Dr. Edward Santana is an organizational consultant, coach, and clinical therapist who specializes in bridging business and psychology. He works with individuals and teams on issues of connection, performance, vision, and growth by deepening understanding and alignment with the deepest aspects of self, soul, and the collective.

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  • Jennifer Selig
    Jennifer Selig Advisor

    Jennifer Leigh Selig, an alum and is on the teaching faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She’s been an educator for 30 years, and is the author of many books, articles, screenplays, and a few bad poems from her early 20’s that are best forgotten.

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Office of Alumni Relations

  • Dianne Travis-Teague Director of Alumni Relations

    As Director of Alumni Relations, Dianne is creating and maintaining pathways for alumni participation that advance the goals of the Institute: partnering with colleagues to identify, cultivate, and steward alumni giving in a multiplicity of ways.

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Editorial Staff

  • Beth Anne Boardman Writer / Contributor

    Beth Anne Boardman, RN, MA, PhD travels and lectures on the Mythology of Sport; Women and Myth; and the Alchemy of Adolescence (her dissertation topic), in addition to consulting as a writer to websites.  

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