It all began with a random conversation I had with a Pacifica alumnus that set my new journey into motion. At the time, I was the graduate assistant at another university and was assisting a professor with a student private practice visit. The professor was a graduate of Pacifica’s Ph.D. program in clinical psychology. When I saw his doctoral diploma on the library wall, I inquired about Pacifica and why he chose to go there for his graduate work. Once he spoke of his journey at Pacifica, I immediately knew I had to learn more about the institute. Shortly after that conversation I attended a one-day instruction at Pacifica and immediately felt a tug in my soul that simply meant; I was home. The rest, as they say, is history. I can easily see now why that professor seemed to truly light up when speaking of Pacifica because now I indeed do the same. Each monthly session I come back home from Pacifica feeling virtually renewed yet stretched intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually on the multiple areas of my personal and professional journey being nurtured by the depth experience. Simply put; Pacifica has become the gift that keeps on giving and I continuously look forward to each class, each session, and each challenge as I grow closer and closer to the man and psychologist I aspire to be.