Pairing Alum Mentors with New, Current & Prospective Students

In our endeavor to provide a supportive learning experience for new, current & prospective students, the Alumni Association has launched an initiative called “The Buddy Program” in which each prospective, new or current student may be assigned an Alum Buddy. The Alum Buddy supports students — whether they are adjusting to the Pacifica culture, need someone to share the journey, or are discovering our two beautiful campuses — and offers focus and guidance for their chosen programs. This initiative is the next segment for our Alumni Connections Project.

Through this program, we will fulfill two main objectives:

  • helping new, current & prospective students integrate with Pacifica by providing them access via those who are already familiar with our culture, attitudes, and expectations
  • providing new, current & prospective students with a point of contact for general queries regarding day-to-day operations and issues.

Both students and alumni benefit from this arrangement, as we can all learn from one another!

What are Alumni Buddies? They are people like you who have already been through the process. You have first-hand experience and knowledge of how things work, and you have tips and ideas to share. The relationship between buddy and student is one of equals or peers. Alumni Buddies are here to help students look to the future and to think about the tools they need to get the results they desire.

How do students and alumni find out more or get involved? Please contact me at 805.879.7303, or email me at

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