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Boards & Committees

Board of Directors
PGIAA’s Board of Directors is comprised of Pacifica Graduate Institute alumni who, in partnership with the school’s Office of Alumni Relations, oversees and directs the alumni organization as a whole. The Board of Directors develops the strategies, policies, guidelines, and bylaws of the Association and then helps to implement and manage the activities of the Association to serve the alumni body. The Board monitors PGIAA’s operations and provides financial oversight. One of the most important roles the Board has is to serve as ambassadors of and to the Association and the community at large. See the Executive Board & Governance page for complete information.

Advisory Board
The advisory board is made up of knowledgeable and committed individuals that advise our non-profit’s board of directors. Unlike the Board of Directors, the advisory board does not have authority to vote on corporate matters, nor does it have a legal fiduciary responsibility. Many new or small organizations choose to have an advisory board in order to benefit from the knowledge of others; such is the case for our PGIAA advisory board.

Alumni Membership Services Committee
This Committee looks for opportunities to help our members further their professional development by creating networking opportunities, mentoring partnerships, and scholarships. This committee also monitors our members’ expectations and strives to clarify and develop the extent of our services.

Human Benefits Committee
The Human Benefits Committee assists alumni to serve the world community by helping its members develop activities and programs that “tend soul in and of the world,” especially community service projects. In the Pacifica tradition of looking at ways to actively and responsibly heal our planet, this committee helps alumni continue to live and model a “depth-centered” example in the world. We encourage “Pay it Forward” programs, disaster relief activities, and other community enrichment/support projects.

Regional Coordinators
Regional Coordinators organize activities within localized regions across the country and throughout the world. These activities are intended to enhance connections between alumni, foster alumni professional and personal development, and develop activities that promote the Alumni Association and the school as a whole.

Fundraising and Development Committee
This committee devises and recommends fund development polices to the Board. The committee nurtures a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization and assures that all donors of time and money are respected and honored. Through the fund development planning process, the Committee establishes charitable contribution goals for the annual budget as well as fund-raising goals and ideas for the organization as a whole, which strives to be a “donor-centered” organization.

Outreach Programs

Our AlumniConnections™ Program is proving to be an awe-inspiring bridge between alumni and students (both current & prospective.)

 Ambassador Program
This program was established to assist alumni-volunteers to serve as representatives, recruiters, and spokespersons for Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association (PGIAA). PGIAA Ambassadors represent the rich diversity of Pacifica and play key roles in increasing public knowledge about Pacifica.  They provide testimonials about their Pacifica experience at conferences and/or campus presentations and participate in special events throughout the United States.  Alumni Ambassadors mentor potential applicants, sharing their PGI experience, and also they may choose to serve as speakers for regional and special events.

Buddy Program
In our endeavor to provide a supportive learning experience for new and current students, the Alumni Association has launched an initiative called “The Buddy Program,” in which each new or current student may be assigned an Alumni Buddy. The Alumni Buddy assists current students, whether they are adjusting to the Pacifica culture, need someone with whom to share the journey, or are discovering our two beautiful campuses — and offers focus and guidance for their chosen programs. This initiative is a segment for our AlumniConnections Project.

What are Alumni Buddies? They are people like YOU who have already been through the process. They have first-hand experience and knowledge of how things work at Pacifica and have tips and ideas to share. The relationship between buddy and student is one of equals or peers. Alumni Buddies are here to help students look to the future and think about the tools they need to get the results they desire.

Project Promise
Project Promise reflects our strong passion for building community; it offers our pledge to partner with other institutions of higher learning, students (current and prospective), and alumni to create a world-class learning experience and career development opportunity.

This “feeder-styled program” operates in collaboration with many of California’s top community and four-year colleges. Ultimately, our efforts enhance student enrollment, provide connections to career opportunities, and build bridges between dedicated educational professionals and the community.

Project Pay-It-Forward
The primary aim of this initiative is to inspire alumni to realize their opportunity to create change in their communities.

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