A Changing World: Let’s Go Deeper Still

Hearing Voices 2020 – Now Available for Download

HEARING VOICES 2020 “Hearing Voices 2020” features the work of students and faculty in our Community, Liberation, Indigenous, and Eco-Psychologies (CLIE) M.A./Ph.D. specialization, as we [...]

Hearing Voices 2018

Download Hearing Voices 2018 “Hearing Voices” features the work of students and faculty in our Community,Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Ecopsychology (CLE) M.A./ Ph.D. specialization, as [...]

Autumn 2017 Newsletter

The arrival of autumn can be a time of loss for those who prefer the bright and carefree summer buzz. For others, the introverted coziness of fall is a long awaited retreat and opportunity for [...]

Los Angeles Region Summer 2017 Newsletter

Summer The summer solstice is the one day of the year where the sun is at its zenith, thus, it is the day where the light lasts the longest into the evening. We, in Los Angeles, now also move [...]

Navigating Licensure Class Powerpoint


Hearing Voices 2017

“Hearing Voices” features the work of students and faculty in our Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, Ecopsychology (CLE) MA/Ph.D. specialization, as we participate in transformative [...]

News from Pacifica’s student/alumni subcommittee of the Diversity & Inclusion Council (DIC) March 2017

News from Pacifica’s student/alumni subcommittee of the Diversity & Inclusion Council (DIC) March 2017 By Jana Hendricks We are proud to announce that Pacifica has recently hired three [...]

Los Angeles Region Spring 2017 Newsletter

Spring On March 20th, 2017 we, in the northern hemisphere, usher in the spring (or vernal) equinox. Astronomically, this means that the Earth’s tilt has shifted in such a way that we now get more [...]

Los Angeles Region Winter 2016/2017 Newsletter

Winter A time of turning inward, we have settled into longer nights and a deeper darkness. An important season of gestation before the world is reborn with Spring. What internal stirrings need [...]

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