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Dead in Racially Motivated Shooting at Florida Store, Officials Say

Hate crimes continue to make headlines in the United States. Most recently a white gunman wearing a tactical vest barged into a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida fatally shooting three Black people in an attack that the authorities said they were investigating as a hate crime. 

A shooting last year that targeted Black people left 10 dead at a supermarket in Buffalo. And in 2019, an attack at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, killed 22. The gunman in that shooting told the police he wanted to kill Mexicans.

Hate crimes are on the rise.  In 2022, 3,697 anti semitic incidents occurred throughout the United States. This is a 36% increase from the 2,717 incidents racked in 2021. Hate crimes can also originate online. Online hate harassment has increased sharply in the past two years by 52%. 

What you can do

Continue the Conversation
As hate crimes continue in the U.S. speak out against violence. Use this page as a resource for more information on how to talk about Hate and what to do. 

Groups like the  Anti-Defamation League that fight racism, anti semitism, and hate.

Take Action
A great resource to educate yourself on how to deal with hate speech can be resourced here at the United Nations website

Protect Yourself and Others
A downloadable brochure is available from the California Department of Justice.
Download the brochure

Be Informed
The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks Hate and Extremism. Visit their website to see the groups they have been tracking. In 2022, they tracked 1,225 hate and antigovernment groups across the U.S.

Read the Research
There are excellent resources at the Anti-Defamation League’s website.
Learn what hate crimes really are. There is information here which shares what constitutes a hate crime, and what you can do.

Get Support
Our Care Line is available for those in need of emotional support. Call 805-679-6163
PGIAA’s CareLine as a resource
Our Grief Network/Boxes –

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Three Treasures

by Dr. Fanny Brewster

Angela Michelle Carr
Anolt Joseph Laguerre Jr
Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion

Say their Names!

Adding them to all the others
Gone away from us to that place where we send
Our sadness

Now we only weep like the wet, flowing ground

We are full!

They are the gold of the family
The gems that cannot be turned, returned
Made into something else now

Our fullness rushes out of us!

Pouring from the cavity of our hearts
Weary, lifting burdensome sorrow
Because the day has come too soon

Once again!

To lose more of our Treasures
The Ones who have gone too soon

Whisper their Names
With the reverence of morning

Give their Names
To the Universe’s Arc

Let it bend to justice

Through awareness, activism, and education
perhaps we can witness a downtrend of hate crime in the U.S. 

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