Steve’s Blog: Today We Grieve.

Steve’s Blog Today we grieve. Our hearts open and we send support and love to those family members and friends who lost loved ones in the shooting in Las Vegas, and, too, to those in places [...]

Pacifica Alumni Washington State Autumn Gathering and Reception

Pacifica Alumni Washington State Autumn Gathering and Reception Honored Guests: Dr. Stephen F. Aizenstat, Founding President & Chancellor Dianne Travis-Teague, Director Alumni Relations   20 [...]

Credentialing Scholarships for Early Career Psychologists, Doctoral Students, and Postdoc Trainees

Credentialing Scholarships for Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) These scholarships help ECPs (within ten years of award of doctoral degree) become credentialed as Health Service Psychologists by [...]

Autumn 2017 Newsletter

The arrival of autumn can be a time of loss for those who prefer the bright and carefree summer buzz. For others, the introverted coziness of fall is a long awaited retreat and opportunity for [...]

Florida will rebuild after Irma, but we need to have a climate change discussion

Letter to the editor: When the destruction of Hurricane Katrina caught our country basically unprepared, people didn’t want to talk about climate change; it was too fresh and not the right time. [...]

At Miami International Airport, it was ‘Storm Riders’ to the rescue during Irma

Even after the last flight left Miami International Airport Friday night, 47 people remained stranded at the airport. But they weren’t alone. A skeleton crew of workers from the airport and [...]

What Florida roads look like after Hurricane Irma

You saw images of the howling winds, the bending palm trees, the rising water during Hurricane Irma. Now you see what’s left behind. Many roads are still blocked due to debris and downed power [...]

Marcos Island Ravaged by Hurricane Irma

Marco Island was left in a state of devastation after Hurricane Irma swept through the region on Sept. 10-11.

San Diego PGIAA Mixer

Sunday, October 15 Mixer from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. I am thrilled to let you know that we have a great space for our first mixer. Our get-together will take place at a local urban winery called Koi [...]

C. G. Jung Study Center One-Day Jungian Film Festival

One-Day Jungian Film Festival Presented by Janet Blaser MFT,  Liz Cook MFT, Suzy Green MFT, and Karmen Kamla MFT Saturday, October 14, 2017 9am – 4:00pm 9696 Culver Blvd., Suite 205, Culver [...]

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