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We Are All Addicts: The Soul’s Guide to Kicking Your Compulsions

Spirituality is a powerful thing, but just how powerful? Can connecting with one’s soul help kick addictive behaviors?

Expert therapist Dr. Carder Stout believes that the soul’s authentic voice has the ability to heal addictive cycles and completely remove them from the psyche. The soul is pure consciousness untethered from human experience, and Dr. Stout has maintained sobriety for seventeen years by utilizing this untapped resource. In turn, he has successfully treated numerous clients for addiction and other mental health conditions using the same technique. It is with this expertise, he breaks down his theory of “We Are All Addicts” in a compellingly readable guide.

We Are All Addicts: The Soul’s Guide to Kicking Your Compulsions presents a spiritual approach to ridding the mind of the complex problems created by addiction. These solutions to obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviors are unconventional, and have previously been shared exclusively with his patients in therapy. . . until now. Through exercises, meditations, visualizations and writing, Dr. Stout will demonstrate how to connect deeply to your soul. Readers will not only gain an understanding of the addiction holding them back, but how to overcome it through self-honesty and self-love.

From the author:

It has been eight years since I graduated from Pacifica and my life is completely full. I say this in the most positive sense. Full of love. Full of optimism. Full of curiosity. One of the most impactful lessons I learned at Pacifica was the importance of inquiry and examination. I use depth psychological methods in my process of daily reflection as well as in my work with patients. 

        Since the pandemic, I have been working virtually from my home office in Topanga Canyon. It is an easy stroll from my house to a small detached structure that was previously used as a recording studio by an award-winning composer. Needless to say, there is a fervent amount of creative Chi that still exists in here. This is where I wrote my doctoral dissertation for Pacifica as well as my two published book, LOST IN GHOST TOWN and most recently, WE ARE ALL ADDICTS: THE SOUL’S GUIDE TO KICKING YOUR COMPULSIONS. So much of the lessons in my new book were gleaned from the work at Pacifica. The premise of the book centers on healing addictions through a connection to the soul – all Jungian influenced concepts.

         I spend my days working with patients, and writing articles for publications like Newsweek and Goop. My nights and weekends are dedicated to my wife and two wonderful children. We hike together, walk our dogs on the beach and play board games. I have a simple life, one that I am completely grateful for, one that is based in community and friendship. I wish all of you my very best.

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