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Reflections on ‘Portals to the Imaginal’

Alumnae Janiece Anjali and Dawn Marie Loerch at the Pacifica conference 2022

Dear Pacifica Friends,
I was able to attend the in-person reopening of Pacifica’s Ladera campus. The conference, Portals to the Imaginal: Re-visioning Depth Psychology for the 21st Century, was a poignant reminder of how important our shared understanding and orientation to life is greatly needed as the old ways are no longer sustainable. There is a powerful and magical collective energy that exists on the land that supports the the work we are doing in the world. Starting in 2012, when I was going down to Pacifica for my doctoral course work, I would return to my psychotherapy practice recharged and experienced how the energetic shift and opening affected my work with my clients. It was no different attending the conference two weeks ago. Taking in the talks by the gifted leaders and instructors opened a portal that we all know as Pacifica, where the land is alive and is truly a balm for the soul. As your regional coordinator for the past five years, I continue to be inspired by the ways we support, learn from, and appreciate each other.

Last Saturday, we enjoyed an evening exploring Tarot with a sweet group, facilitated by Tamara Walker. Both the food and readings were nourishing. It was lovely to meet with old friends and some new. If anyone is interested in hosting and/or sharing a topic for our winter salon, please contact me. We are planning to have our spring or summer salon on Whidbey island next year as a handful of alumnae reside there. Perhaps we can turn that into a retreat… Thanks to everyone who could make it out and we missed those who couldn’t attend. Below are some general announcements.

In Community,

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