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A Message from Oksana Yakushko

Dear Pacifica community,

Thank you for all the support and wishes and care many of you have offered to Ukraine and Ukrainians. As a Ukrainian immigrant with numerous family members and friends in Kyiv and other areas, witnessing this senseless brutal war has been heart-breaking and horrifying. I am also truly proud to stand as a Ukrainian with Ukraine! I hope that you continue to raise your voices in demanding that the genocide and other terrorizing strategies (nuclear threats, radiation exposure threats, cyberwar) stop, and also commit to helping a nation recover from this atrocity. Today (Wednesday) the news from Ukraine is as terrifying as ever…

There are many many good links and sites for supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians. I personally am deeply grateful to the Red Cross who helped my sister and her family (her school age children) through their harrowing journey as war refugees. I know many other groups are helping in numerous other ways. I have been using the following NPR link with information on organizations, Ukrainian and world-wide, to help…

Дуже дякую!

Thank you very much.

OKCAHA/Oksana Yakushko

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