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banner | Reflections from the ChancellorDr. Stephen Aizenstat serves as Chancellor of  Pacifica Graduate Institute, which he served as Founding President. Reflections from the Chancellor collects Steve’s posts to Pacifica’s growing family of alums.

An invitation to engage

originally posted on 28 Oct 2013
Dear Alumni/ae,
As I continue attending various gatherings, talking with alums, and engaging the greater Pacifica Community, I hear over and again expressions of care and regard for what we have co-created through the years here in Santa Barbara. Our service to tending soul, both in the world and in our community, has never been more apparent. Staff members telling of their desire to host students and guests with heartfelt warmth embodies our core values. Faculty talking about their devotion to their work and the joy of the teaching/learning process nurtures the dream that is Pacifica. The contributions alums are making to the people and communities they serve carry forward the tradition we hold dear.

In these concluding months of this year, I am honored to be spending quality time with alumni. I recently attended an Alumni Gathering in San Francisco, and am looking forward next month to the Alumni Association Annual Meeting in Santa Barbara. Additionally, I will be on the road for a few weeks participating in the Legacy Tour, presenting on Dream Tending as well as meeting with colleagues from like-minded institutions and building affiliations further supporting our collective work.

Through this letter, I invite you to enjoy and engage with your cohorts, friends, and colleagues, to learn about those whom you have yet to meet, and to poke around and interact with curiosity. Cultivating enjoyable friendships and informed communication opens the way to a caring community, to a place of deep belonging.

With warm feeling,

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