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As Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Director of Alumni Relations, Dianne Travis-Teague facilitates collaborations between the Office of the Chancellor and the Alumni Association to extend and nurture the Pacifica experience in the world. News & Notes collects her posts to Pacifica’s growing family of alums.

Hello, New Orleans!

| originally posted on 12 July 2012
Times are exciting for our Alumni Association of Pacifica Graduate Institute! We’ve just celebrated our nine month anniversary. Congratulations and a huge thank you to all!

We’re taking the “campus” to New Orleans for the first time ever with an Alumni Gathering in conjunction with the 2012 International Conference of the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies (JSSS) on Tuesday, August 7. Join attendees and alumni for a truly memorable evening, right in the heart of the French Quarter! Join us at the St. Ann Cottage in the historic Bourbon Orleans hotel as we continue to build community and share the Pacifica story.

The title of this year’s conference, “Affect and Action: Psyche in a Time of Crisis,” can and should be interpreted from a wide variety of positions. For instance, on an individual level, in personal times of crisis, what are the possibilities, relationships, and consequences of affect and of action? On a socio-political level, the theme acknowledges the variety of manifest emotional and active responses globally to the onslaught of crises facing humanity and the centrality of psyche in articulating, holding and acting on these concerns. Our world seems split and in turmoil. Cultures and values clash. Numerous countries are positioned in a state of armed international conflict. Economically, life is no more secure. Environmental catastrophe looms. Our world feels fragile.

The JSSS Conference officially opens Wednesday August 8 with a keynote address from Dr. Samuel Kimbles entitled, “Discovering Cultural Phantoms, Working with Cultural Complexes.” A very special highlight of this year’s meeting. Our own Dr. Jennifer Leigh Selig (PHD Depth Psychology 2004) serves as Conference Chair. Additionally, more than 25 Pacifica alums will be presenting at various times throughout the conference.
Attending? Plan now to arrive in time to join our Tuesday evening Alumni Gathering, If you are an alum living in the greater New Orleans area, please come! Thinking of attending Pacifica? Visit with our host and learn more. If you’re in the mood for “real New Orleans” hospitality, this is a gathering you will not want to miss.

also see Dianne’s Hello from New Orleans! article in our News & Events section.

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Collected here, with posting dates, are observations made in the “Comments” section included with the original appearance of this article at the initial website of Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association.  Please feel welcome to offer additional notes in the current “Comments” function.
Diane P. Coffey, Ph.D.  |  13 July 2012
From the Myth Program: “Psyche’s Felt Crises: Servitude, Sanitation, and Stagnation” presented at the Conference on Friday with Shannon McCabe (the Poet), John Marboe (the Storyteller), and Diane Coffey (the Artist). Please join our panel presentation.
Kenzi Robi Art  |  22 July 2012
Sherrie Sims Allen  |  23 July 2012
Have an amazing time Pacifica at the JSSS Conference! Wish I could attend to hear all of the amazing presentations.
Marcy De Veaux  |  23 July 2012
Come on down, Sherrie!
Marcy De Veaux  |  12 July 2012
I’m so happy to hear the Alumni Association will welcome us on our first night in New Orleans! A warm welcome to a hot city! Thanks Dianne!
Paula Moses  |  28 July 2012
I will be attending the conference in New Orleans. Can you please share the details of where the gathering is to take place and the time? Will there be more details forthcoming?

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