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Alumni Resources

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• Alumni Resources •

Alums of Pacifica Graduate Institute enjoy access to a wide range of valuable benefits, which in their inception were underwritten by PGI in recognition of the importance of nurturing alumni and the relationship between graduates and Alma Mater.


•| Getting Started
Register for membership in the Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association through the PGIAA website:

•| Benefits of Membership
Enjoy our online news, event, profile, and service functions designed especially for you as a member of the Pacifica alumni community.

Alumni Resources |
We offer these services as means of acquainting yourself — and connecting — with fellow alums, managing the degree and accessibility of your membership information and activities, joining and participating in regional alumni groups, and many other community opportunities.

| Alumni Profile Pages |
Get public — and only as personal as you wish — with your individual, self-managed Profile Page. Available to registered members, these pages serve as your posting space for curricula vitae, current activities, remarks and comments, for posting photos and images (current and nostalgic), and for staying in touch with cohort, colleagues, and faculty.

Regional Groups & Cohorts |
Get active — near or far — through our growing family of Regional Groups, or by searching for your Cohort (and perhaps organizing them into a current band of buddies). Our Regional Coordinators each supervise a page for their local group, and welcome you to join, participate in events, and contribute material.

| Alumni Spotlight |
Who’s Who? And Where Are They Now, and What Are They Up To?
Envisioned as a series of spotlights on our membership, Alumni Profiles includes material both submitted by members and initiated by our web staff. Please consider telling us a bit about yourself, or sitting with us for an interview.

| PGIAA Committee Reports |
Interested in the internal workings of the association? Look here for word from each of our five association committees — Alumni ServicesRegional CoordinationHuman BenefitsDevelopment & FundingCommunications & Marketing — as to their plans, process, and accomplishments. And feel welcome to get on board!

| Pacifica Alumni Directory |
The PGIAA website includes a roster of Registered Members, allowing you to see — and connect with — all those currently active in our growing online community. As an informational boon and reference, we are also compiling a comprehensive Alumni Directory of all Pacifica graduates, listed alphabetically within year and cohort. This directory differs from both the Registered Members roster and Profile Pages in being composed strictly of public (neither personal nor private information), though it receives continual updating to “link” with currently active online membership.

| Publications Directory |
Who’s Published What? When and Where?
Envisioned as a comprehensive list of currently available publications by Pacifica alum and faculty, our Publications Directory derives from the PGI Library & Bookstore database — with your help: let us know of any item you feel deserves inclusion here.

| Scholarships & Research |
Visit this page for continually updated information on grants and scholarships, research opportunities, calls for papers and submissions, and upcoming conference and workshop presentations appropriate for Pacifica alums to offer their expertise and bliss to the world — academia, public programs, and beyond. Know of such an opportunity? Please let us know a.s.a.p.

| Library Access |
The hallowed Pacifica Library permits access to alums — both on campus and online — to its many vital databases, library catalogs, and reference services. Check-out privileges included. For further information, please start with the library’s FAQ page.

• News & Events |
We offer these services as means of acquainting yourself — and connecting — with fellow alums, managing the degree and accessibility of your membership information and activities, joining and participating in regional alumni groups, and many other community opportunities.  >> Alumni Photos / Alumni Stories

| PGIAA Events Calendar |
Our Events Calendar offers a glimpse at several tiers of “happenings” within the PGIAA community: gatherings hosted by the Alumni Association itself — such as our Annual Meeting and our New Year’s “A Toast Heard ‘Round the World” as well as opportunities to Get Involved and Pacifica-sponsored events of interest to alums; gatherings hosted by the various Regional Groups — such as meet-and-greets, special group activities, and local appearances by faculty or prominent speakers; and occasions listed by registered members — such as presentations, book signings, anniversaries.

| Alumni in Action |
Catch up on — and get inspired by — the myriad of activities and projects pursued by your colleagues with these “reports from the field” and from your Alma Mater.

| Faculty Voices |
From interviews to essays, from calls for volunteers to comments on matters at the heart of our shared pursuits, members of Pacifica’s several programs join us here with insight, perspective, and camaraderie.

| News & Notes from Alumni Relations |
Our own Dianne Travis-Teague, Director of Pacifica’s Office of Alumni Relations, offers her special blend of rumination, encouragement, and inspiration. Check in on her indefatigable work — and travel — supporting the vitality of our post-graduation community.

| Reflections from the Chancellor |
Pacifica Founder and Chancellor Steven Aisenstat considers events and subjects close to our collective heart.

| Messages from Executive Board |
The PGIAA Executive Board guides the helm and charts the course of our alum community. Look here for the current word on nurturing, growing, and supporting the association, from the Annual Board Report and Minutes of regular meetings to periodic reports from the Treasurer to calls for your feedback and participation.

| Sharing the Gardens |
Master land manager Marshall Chrostowski invites us for tours into the inner working of planning, creating, and maintaining the beauty and intentionality of Pacifica’s spectacular Lambert and Ladera campus grounds.

| In Memoriam |
Join us as we mourn, remember, and celebrate our colleagues at the completion of their current tending of soul in the world.

• Lending A Hand |
As well as providing means for staying current with your Pacifica colleagues, the PGIAA invites your active participation through many volunteer and donation opportunities. Your financial gifting to the association itself, or through earmarks for any of its programs, committees, or funds, helps keep our information and event outreach alive. Your direct participation in the association itself, or through our Buddy Program, Project Promise, and your Regional Groups fosters community, fundraising, and service that helps grow our circle of Pacifica family dedicated to tending soul in the world.


On behalf of the PGIAA Board and our active membership, please receive our thanks for your interest and participation in the Pacifica post-graduate community. Discover more about some of the volunteers currently supporting our many efforts by referring to our About Us section, by investigating our Regional Groups, and by enjoying our News & Events features — any of which we hope you will feel welcome and invited to augment with your own activities, reflections, and contributions.

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