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International Women’s Day at Pacifica

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at Pacifica Graduate Institute

‘Embrace Equity’

March 8 at 10am

[Click here to watch the presentation]


Program Welcome
Dr. Leonie Mattison, President/CEO

Opening Reflections
Dr. Nuria Ciofalo

Our #EmbraceEquity Panel
Indhushree Rajan, Adjunct Faculty and Moderator of Panel Alisa Orduña, CLIE alumna
Lauren Lastra, Staff Member
Aaqilah Islam, CLIE Dissertation Student
Mary Wood, Core Faculty and Chair of DCH
Krystle Farmer Sieghart, Co-Founder Healing Justice SB
Katya Armistead, Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Students at UCSB Vanessa Ramos, Community Organizer at Disability Rights CaliforniaLeah Garza, CLIE Dissertation Student
katie robinson, CLIE Dissertation Student

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