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The Serpent and the Swan

by Ashland Pym (Mythological Studies, PhD 2020)

She’s not quite human, but is she as dangerous as they believe?

Cygna has been kept under the shadow of secrecy for two decades. Not only is she the King’s illegitimate firstborn, she’s also an extraordinary half-fae with a wing in place of an arm who instills fear and suspicion in those close to her.

But now a terrifying evil is ravaging the kingdom. A Lindworm is making a path straight for the castle, and the King and Queen believe Cygna has the power to stop the serpent. Except Cygna knows what her hateful stepmother really wants is to keep Cygna from inheriting the throne.

They send Cygna on a dangerous journey to the underworld where she meets others like her. She begins to see she’s not the unnatural creature she was brought up to believe. But will Cygna have the bravery to confront the terrifying serpent and defeat her darkest fears? Her freedom and life will depend on it.

The Serpent and the Swan is a magical coming-of-age novella perfect for fantasy readers inspired by Scandinavian folklore and the darkest fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

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