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Climate Crises: Six Reflections on Ecology and Soul


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This six-class course takes us on a journey into the depths of the soul of the world, to those places where nature, psyche, technology and humans meet. 

It explores how we can find a healthy engagement with soul, and shows how dreams, synchronicities and symptoms can be guides on that path.

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In this course we descend into the depths of spirit and move beyond our singular focus on the current day and bring to it a series of reflections based in Jung’s psychology.

In the depths we encounter the soul of the world, which presents itself through dreams, synchronicities and symptoms in our everyday world. These two realms of soul and world are deeply interconnected. Making a place for  Soul invites us to a more balanced, meaningful and fulfilling life that benefits ourselves, our families, our culture and also the world at large.

At a perilous time, the availability of deep imagination is there. These classes tap into this wellspring and show how we can co-create a more sustainable future. 

Webinar Topics:

Webinar 1 Aug 28: Four Levels of Unconscious Dynamics in Climate Crises

Webinar 2: Sept 4: The Spirit-Matter Issue in Jung’s Psychology: From Alchemy to The Psychoid Archetype

Webinar 3 Sept 11: Re-Storying Broken Bonds Between Nature and Soul: Inner Journeys in the Outer World

Webinar 4 Sept 24: The Need for Myth in a Broken World: The Myth of Prometheus

Webinar 5 Oct 6: Working in the Night Theater of Dreams: Dreams and Ecology

Webinar 6 Oct 14: Dreaming the Impossible Dream: Don Quixote as Guide to the Power of Imagination

You will get access to the live webinars, and the recordings. 

Early bird discount :

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