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“Honoring Indigenous Resilience” global panel of clinicians, scholars, environmentalists, and indigenous leaders



Host: Dr. Nadia Thalji

In alignment with the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, this seminar brings together a global panel of environmentalists, clinicians, scholars, and indigenous leaders. Member States of the UN and the international community have been asked to consider the specific needs and priorities of indigenous peoples in addressing the global outbreak of COVID 19. We will focus on the Yawanawa tribe of Brazil, who is also facing the deforestation of the 500,000 acres of Amazon rainforest that they call home. What are some of their solutions? What actions are they taking? What traditional knowledge and what practices are helping them?

Our goal is to be an advocacy forum for the voices of indigenous peoples globally, as well as to inspire us to include them in our conversations.


Dr. Nadia Thalji, Ph.D. Host, founder of Intercultural psychology, cross-cultural psychotherapist, and consultant. Co-authored with Dr. Oksana Yakhushko “Indigenous Women of the Amazon Forest: The Woman Shaman of the Yawanawa Tribe“.

Dr. Oksana Yakushko, scholar, clinician, chair of two psychology doctoral programs at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Taskha Yawanawa, Chief of the Yawanawas;

Laura Yawanawa, indigenous- woman-leader in the Yawanawa community;

Beto Borges, MBA., director of Communities and Territorial Governance at Forest Trends.

Learn more about Hushahu, the first woman shaman of the Yawanawa featured in the film “Awavena” from Emmy awarding-winning artist and director Lynette Wallworth.

Watch “Awavena”

More about this initiative here.


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