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Andrew Winegarner Wins Best Documentary with ‘Creativity’

Alumus Andrew Winegarner’s (Ph.D. in Mythological Studies, 2021) “Creativity” WON Best Documentary Film for Sept. 2022, as judged by the Critics’ Choice International Film Festival. It will be screened in an online film festival in Jan. 2023. “Creativity” was also given an Exceptional Achievement award in the Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival (September screening streams Oct 24 – 31 on the MDIFF website:, was a Nominee in the Movie Play International Film Festival (event streams Nov. 17 – 23), and a Finalist in the Indiefare International Film Festival.

“Creativity” explores creativity from two lenses: What do psychologists say about creativity? And what do creatives themselves say about it? It also explores what creativity is, the dark side of it, how to foster it, and how creativity can help humanity in the future. To explore creativity, I interviewed many different creatives (from artists, musicians, photographers, and filmmakers, to chefs, comedians, and entrepreneurs) and researchers who study creativity, as well as psychologists, astrophysicists, and even a neurologist. (See all of the interviewees below.) This film hopes to inspire people from all walks of life to get creative, especially with the challenges that we face in the future; from the climate crisis to overpopulation and becoming an interstellar species, as Carl Sagan envisioned.

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