As part of our Grand Reopening Event and return to live ‘in-person’ events, we will be hosting
a special panel during The Retreat at Pacifica’s 
“Portals to the Imaginal: Re-Visioning Depth Psychology for the 21st Century,” (October 7-9, 2022).

Community as Classroom: Listening to and Learning From Each Other will take place
on Sunday, October 9 from 10:00 – 11:30 AM and will be
moderated by PGIAA Board President Olivia Happel.

About this event:

Historically, learning has been personal and social—we didn’t end up doing most of our learning all by ourselves—we worked with others, and assisted one another to learn within zones of proximal development. Many facets of today’s learning rely on impersonal communication and incomplete interpersonal cues, affecting both immediate understanding and deeper subconscious development.

This lively discussion will explore how myriad communities influence and shape our perceptions of ourselves and our interactions within our collective groups and the world at large.

Participants will discuss the problems of global countertransference and the world’s collective wounding, and whether it has crossed the threshold of irredeemability thus putting the therapeutic process in jeopardy.

Panelists will also look at how the lines between logos and mythos are blurring in today’s technocracy, and if Kantian ethics and categorical imperative have become outdated when weighed against the increasingly entitled and narcissistic influences of Social Media.

Other topics will touch on:

• The shifting of psychodynamics and the fragmentation of the collective conscience—are we actually living in a post-archetypal world?

• How can we reach the ideal of individuation when we step outside of our own comfort zones and what does that say about the commonality of our communities?

• Is there agreement on balancing logical empiricism when practicing depth psychology both personally and professionally?

• How can we discern between truly creating psychologically safe environments or merely practicing a level of psychological hedonism in today’s world?

Join us as we forge a path for learning from our communities today, to better support the parents, caregivers, peers, and the wider society and culture of tomorrow.



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