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Dear All,
I am working with a grassroots organization called Together and Free that are helping the separated families who have been reunited get services they need. At this moment, once the parents are released they are not given any support to return to their children, follow through etc etc. The website is here.
https://www.togetherandfree. org/
This weekend 65 families are projected to be released. The goal of this organization is to fill in the gaps that are not provided by the government etc. One need right now is spanish speaking mental health workers in certain key cities. 65 families are projected to be released the weekend. The lawyers etc need mental health workers who can be on call to help in various ways. The key cities right now are :

  • Baltimore
  • Chicago
  • LA
  • Charlotte
  • Boston

If you know anyone who could help connect to mental health workers in those cities (who speak spanish) could you contact me, or better still get them to contact me at  tel. 347 517 1969. Baltimore is critical as people were flown there yesterday and landing today.
We are creating a spreadsheet and contact list etc.
Thanks so much,

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