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Dear Community:

It is with profound sadness in our collective grief that I write about the mass shooting that occurred last night right here in Ventura County during a “college night” at a bar in Thousand Oaks.  Acts of senseless, irrational violence are difficult to process and worse to bear.  These unfortunately now common occurrence of such horrific events can feel overwhelming; it is just at such moments that communitas is most essential and necessary.  Let us all make the effort to reach out and support one another in the wake of this event.
With this being so close to home, we know many may feel the impacts of such devastation and loss, maybe even knowing the family of a victim. If you find yourself needing to speak with a professional therapist, please know that you can use the Aetna Resources For Living 1-888-238-6232, Username Pacifica Institute, EAP.

In community,

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