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By – Beth Anne Boardman, PhD (Mythological Studies, 2012)

Watching current events, some of us fall into vats of anger and despair.  We may experience hopelessness, helplessness, depression.  Successive tragedies can feel like personal body-blows.  Grief can save us.

When we grieve, we honor the dead.  We offer our pain and loss as gifts of love to their memories.  We may greet Anger and Despair, but if we let them move in with us, we may forget about Grief and Love. 

During times of battle, anger fires us; when we tend the battlefield, despair sucks us into the mud.  After this, grief can feel too heavy a burden.  Grief requires strength to carry.  It doesn’t sink us into inaction, like despair, nor does ignite our actions, like rage.  It’s heavier, more permanent – but the power behind grief is love. 

Re-membering love, bringing it back into the home of our bodies to live next to grief, balances our anger and despair.  Grief, when consciously embraced as a gift of love to the dead, gives us the ability to continue to live and strive in the midst of tragedy.  Yes, I have anger and despair.  Yes, I am taking actions that feel important to me.  Grieving and loving are actions, too.  Let us grieve, let us love, and let’s keep striving. 

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