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PGIAA Welcomes Pacifica’s New President/CEO

PGIAA is excited to welcome New President/CEO,  Dr. Leonie H. Mattison, EdD, MBA to Pacifica Graduate Institute, as our fourth president, effective Monday, October 3, 222.

Dr. Mattison is a seasoned organizational development professional with over 20 years of experience in transformational leadership. Her contributions have helped strengthen national public health research, regional workforce development, and adult educational reform across the country, continuously elevating and enhancing the profiles of the organizations she’s worked with.

With a Doctorate and MBA in Organizational Leadership, Dr. Mattison has a gift for building sustainable organizations through employee engagement, leadership development, and cultivating and appreciating data-driven, transformational growth. Her cross-cultural and inclusive partnerships span across the fabric of organizations internally and externally, solidifying collaborative and unifying partnerships.

When asked how she will begin her leadership journey with Pacifica, Dr. Mattison says,

“As we deepen into courage and integrity, we experience the power of joining hearts to meet people where they are;
hands to hold one another through crisis, and heads to imagine new ways of serving the whole.
I welcome working together, holding heads, hands, and hearts into the future of Pacifica.
It is the collective unit that will allow Pacifica to live into its’ worldwide mission to tend souls.”

We are elated to welcome Dr. Mattison to our Pacifica community!

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