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Jung in Ireland: Confronting Our Personal and Family Ghosts

Annual Seminar
County Galway
March 27–April 3, 2023

Life asks of us a simple task — to discover who we are and become our best selves. That seems simple on the face of it, but there is much to navigate on the road to this becoming. There are the circumstances of the time and place that we are born into, the concentric circles of people around us, the influence of the culture we find ourselves in, and the diverging ideas we are subjected to. There are the unseen influences of our ancestors, the direct or indirect impact of our family narratives, and our own inherent beliefs that hold us back or propel us forward.

Jungian psychology offers us a look back and a path forward so that we may let go of expectations, heal from childhood trauma, and begin to imagine our true destiny. In addition, mythology offers up images and stories that ignite our imagination and lead us to an understanding of life’s possibilities. With these and other tools, we can explore our personal story as a journey of self-discovery. Or, as Michael Meade has pointed out, we can discover the hidden archetypes in ourselves that are waiting to be liberated.

This is an opportunity that is there for all of us, but we must actively engage our interior selves in order to find our particular path and our unique truth. Only then can we discover the insights and energy to move forward and be guided toward transformation and a new narrative filled with hope and potential for ourselves and the planet.

Our 21st annual Jung in Ireland seminar will meet on the shores of Galway Bay, along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Spend the week with Joe Cambray, Mary Dougherty, Marlene Frantz, Aryeh Maidenbaum, Sylvia Brinton Perera, Diana Rubin, David Schoen, and Dennis Patrick Slattery. We will explore our personal story as a journey of self-discovery through a unique combination of presentations and experiential workshops – revealing the hidden archetypes in ourselves waiting to be liberated.

Hosted by New York Center for Jungian Studies, Journeys of Self Discovery

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