In In Memoriam

Blue Eagle

James’ song for Pacifica  |  Kathryn Evans, Three Eagles  |  3 Mar 2012
Evans ≥ Kathryn

Blue Eagle, calling
back to find us,
back in time
into this Dream.
Ancestors call us back in time,
to bring you into Heidi’s dream,
her Blue Eagle, future vision
of that day we parted ways.
High Sierra mountains, ancient,
brought us all here, ancient days
of underground rivers
and glacial ravines
along our steep and solemn way.
Ancestor-Indians all around her
called Blue Eagle by his name,
in the dreamtime of our future
calling loudly for Blue Flame.
Even then we knew he’d leave us
here together upon this plain.
Even then we heeded Wisdom’s
ancestral valley, ancient rain.
Altar of Beauty, burning candles
all about the Blue Flame sang.
Mountain of Peace, and Mother of Mercy
no matter how we call your name.
Clear Blue Eagle
in the sky now
soaring high above the flame.
Below he sees us
chanting slowly,
Michael’s Urn upon the dais,
Michael’s James amidst the flames.
Children’s teachers
all surround you
with their hearts’ most sacred name.
Steve’s clear call
his Hawk of heaven
spoke our tears down like the rain.
Spiraling downwards into earth now
spreads the net of golden rain.
Living Fence of Joseph’s furrow,
Pacifica’s Elder sows our seed.
All around Earth’s circle singing
for Blue Eagle, call his name
from Africa’s heartbeat,
America’s East Coast,
Margot’s smile
and telling love-look
to the Pacific,
Sea of Peace.
Mermer’s song now,
gentle whisper
sends you on
the ocean breeze.

Kathryn LaFevers Evans, Three Eagles of the Chickasaw Nation, a lifelong writer of nature and devotional poetry, has performed in 12 cities, presented numerous academic papers on esoteric literature and Natural Magic, and teaches C.G. Jung’s The Red Book as the primary text of  Active Imagination, Dreams, and Psychic Creativity” (HMC 200) for Pacifica Graduate Institute’s MA Program in Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life.

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