A Tribute to James Hillman • Jennifer Sandoval

For the Sake of the Soul “I remember Dr. Hillman’s visit to our first-year class. Not yet familiar with his work, I was bold (or ignorant) enough to ask him ‘where’ he [...]

A Tribute to James Hillman • Matthew Green

A Tribute to James Hillman “Now, the genius of Hillman’s work in my appreciation is his differentiation of imagining: image, personifying, aesthetic response, notitia, pausing, [...]

A Tribute to James Hillman • Elizabeth Ann Robinson

A Tribute to James Hillman “My loss when James died was like losing a great mentor. I imagine it to be the same for a lover of poetry, brought to tears when thinking of the death of a great [...]

A Tribute to James Hillman • The Tree of Memory

•|  The  Sharing the Gardens blog supports an on-going conversations between Pacifica’s master land manager Marshall Chrostowski and alumni who enjoy the beauty and intention found in [...]

A Tribute to James Hillman • Jason Butler

Hillman As Image “He has been father to my thought and psychopomp to my soul — and for that I have the most profound gratitude.” photo  •  Kathee Miller As a Ph.D. candidate in the [...]

A Tribute to James Hillman, Pacifica Elder

Dr. Stephen Aizenstat serves as Chancellor of  Pacifica Graduate Institute, which he served as Founding President. Reflections from the Chancellor collects Steve’s posts to Pacifica’s [...]

Blue Eagle

Blue Eagle James’ song for Pacifica  |  Kathryn Evans, Three Eagles  |  3 Mar 2012 Blue Eagle, calling back to find us, back in time into this Dream. Ancestors call us back in time, to [...]

James Hillman Tribute • Events Recap

A Gathering to Offer Tribute and Celebrate the Life and Work of James Hillman convened at the Ladera campus of Pacifica Graduate Institute over the weekend of 2-4 March 2012. •|•|•|• •|  2 March [...]