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16th Conference of Research in Jung and Analytical Psychology


Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, June 27 through Saturday, June 30, 2018

Conference opens at 9:00 am on Wednesday, June 27 and closes with a Gala Banquet on Saturday evening, June 30.

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Keynote Speaker: Fanny Brewster
JSSS Conference/Emerging Perspectives
June 27, 2018
Title: Emerging: The Journey from Grievance to Grief
How do we write not out of grievance but from and toward grief? How do we transform our losses into art even as we sometimes wrestle with healing ourselves?
Laura McCullough, Author
A Sense of Regard: Essays on Poetry and Race

We are entering a time in our Jungian collective when engagement with the cultural consciousness of Other becomes profound. One aspect of this engagement is the emerging shadow of racism. It is as if we, as American Jungians, have been in darkness able to see only dimmed stars. As the stars of cultural consciousness emerge and grow brighter, we are able to see more of our racial selves. Our gaze reveals the grievance of the Jungian Other, and the grief caused by racism that has lived in the American psyche.

The culture of Other, created through poetry, is a bittersweet road of journeying that speaks of injustice and movements into grief. This presentation will use African American poetry, the voice of Other, in marking the steps of grievance to grief, and address what could lie beyond. What is possible?How do we prepare to welcome a Jungian third, a transcendence that emerges and reaches beyond racism?

Robert Frost said, Poetry is about the grief. Politics is about the grievance. As American Jungians we must embrace not only the grief, but also the politics, because this is how we have lived with Other all of our American lives. This is our exceptional challenge, and invitation, as we seek to emerge from the shadow of racism that has historically enfolded American Psychology.

This presentation invites our engagement as Jungians, creators and political beings:
Make some muscle in your head, but use the muscle in yr heart. Amiri Baraka
When you go to thinking, make sure to bring your heart. C.G. Jung

60-minute Experiential Workshop:  Emergence of the Feminine: Moving Beyond Cliché Into the Depths

Abstract: “Emergence of the feminine” has become a cliché. In this workshop we will go deeper, engaging directly with both inner feminine and inner masculine, witnessing what their union reveals about our lives now as well as what may be emerging. Barbara Joy provides a rich, gentle container for this exploration.

Biography: Barbara Joy Laffey is a doctoral candidate in Depth Psychology with an Emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She trained in group process facilitation at the Toronto Institute for Self-Healing.

Proposal: The idea of “emergence of the feminine” has become a cliché, expanding beyond the realms of psychology and spirituality into the mainstream culture. Today there is keen awareness of the patriarchal foundations of our Western civilization, and the need to find a better balance by embracing and honoring the feminine. But how do we accomplish that? Do we even know what it means? Is it enough to support feminism or worship goddesses or elect women to public office or embrace the #metoo revelations? These outer world efforts may demonstrate a more respectful attitude toward women, but the feminine exists within—within men as well as within women. For lasting change, we must tend to what is emerging from both the masculine and the feminine aspects of our inner worlds; we must tend to what is emerging from the depths of the psyche.

Jungian analyst and author Marion Woodman expanded on Jung’s foundational identification of the anima in men and the animus in women by identifying the presence of both an inner masculine and an inner feminine in all men and women. Further, she acknowledged, “the great work of our time is to bring the feminine into this culture,” and she noted, “it’s not an easy path,” advising the work must be done, “in the most personal ways,” for instance through our dreams and tending to our feelings. “There are things going on within you that need to be felt, or said, or lived, or grieved. Pay attention to these things . . . to the authentic self.”

This experiential workshop provides an opportunity to pay attention to the authentic self, through a simple yet profoundly rewarding guided meditation/active imagination process. We will engage directly with the inner feminine and inner masculine, listening deeply, witnessing what their union reveals about our lives, and inviting inner guidance for what is yet to emerge. The workshop format includes time for writing and sharing, if desired. Barbara Joy creates and holds a rich and gentle container for this exploration while deeply respecting personal privacy.

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