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Soul of Caregiving, A Caregiver’s Guide to Healing and Transformation

Dr. Edward M Smink writes: Revision is a common human practice. Said another way, revision asks us to adjust, to modify, and to change. Something each of us had to face as we explored seeing a new normal after over 18 months of adjusting to a worldwide pandemic Life has its ways to season  us to change and to adjust to a new normal that is nebulous and uncertain. I am tired of the pandemic and share with most a universal compassion fatigue. I know her symptoms well as one who suffered compassion fatigue twenty-five years ago. I had been painting the bars of my jail cell gold under the false assumption that the Soul Pain I was experiencing would just go away. Culturally, I thought I was invincible struggling with the three cultural taboos that prevent selfcare, not trusting, not talking about my story, and not expressing my feelings.

The newly released Revised Edition of the Soul of Caregiving, A Caregiver’s Guide to Healing and Transformation (November 2021) captures and expands the essence of the first edition (June 2018). The reader learns about THE DANCEof Caregiving balancing self-care with other care. The practice of reflection leads one to rediscover SOUL that animates and grounds the caregiver. . CREATIVITY and REASON find their balance in recognition of the importance of the mythos and logos of the work. Caregivers are strengthened by rediscovering the  ARCHETYPAL nature of caregiving. . HOSPITALITY surrounds the reader with its arms of welcoming pointing out that one’s story needs to be told and heard. Readers learn that they don’t have to be perfect or a perfectionist because they are WOUNDED HEALERS? Caregivers are surprised to learn how normal REFLECTION  and that they always knew that the work they do has a sacred or SPIRITUALnature. This insight took time to mature because of their PRACTICE of Caregiving. The greatest insight caregivers experience is the  awareness that they can RECOVER from compassion fatigue.

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