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Forged in Darkness: The Many Paths of Personal Transformation by Joanna LaPrade

The book was born from Joanna’s doctoral disseration at Pacifica and she would love to share this accomplishment with the PGIAA community. 

Forged in Darkness encourages readers to work with archetypes in mythology to stop rejecting the darkness within and instead learn to embrace it. When we search within, we inevitably find the underworld—lost connections, failed enterprises, haunting memories, insecurities, and buried secrets. This book unites self-discovery with mythology, returning the underworld to its rightful place—a dreaded realm that harbors profound transformation, richness, and expansion. Today, the underworld is poorly understood, even disparaged. Darkness is not respected, it’s dreaded, repressed, and shamed. Our understanding of suffering focuses on the authority and strength that comes from force and might, courage and valor. The heroism needed to face the abyss has been reduced to Hercules, the mighty Greek hero who embodies willpower, conquest, survival, masculinity, and the colossal strength to slay the world’s demons. Enchanted by Hercules, we try to bend darkness to our will. Not all of life’s hardships can be slayed and destroyed. By exploring the mythology and character of other heroes and gods the book explores different ways to understand, imagine into, make meaning of, and move within the underworld. Forged in Darkness weaves a tapestry of history, depth psychology, myth, clinical examples, dreams, and anecdotes to show its readers how we can face darkness with more than just a sword.

The book will be published May 10, 2022 with Watkins/Penguin Random House Publishers Services. Even though it won’t be released until May, you can preorder the book now. Preorders help establish a book in the marketplace and are essential for the future of a book. As this is my first book, I need as much author support as possible.


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