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Myth Salon – Tribute to Robert Bly with Michael Meade, Dennis Slattery, Kwame Scruggs and Connie Zweig

On Sunday November 21, Robert Bly passed away from this plane of our existence.  A lifelong Minnesota native, Robert Bly was a poet, author, translator, editor and activist – a collaborative spirit who awakened the passions of a generation ripe for transformation. It is an understatement to say that he will be missed.   Bill Moyers called Robert Bly “the most influential poet writing today.” During the 80s, he became a cultural phenomenon, a father figure to millions with his immensely relevant Iron John that motivated countless American men to become better fathers than their own fathers were.

In response, next Wednesday December 22 at 1PM Pacific, a day before he would have turned 95, a small group of us will gather with Michael Meade to pay tribute to Robert Bly. Michael Meade collaborated with Robert Bly and James Hillman to produce the timeless collection of poetry and essays, The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart.  While this special event is not your typical Myth Salon – in a way, our hope is for this Tribute to Robert Bly to carry over from the deep substance and gravitas of the Winter Solstice Myth Salon held the night before. And, even if we are gathering in the middle of the day, we feel it is important to give space to acknowledging Robert Bly. Dennis Slattery, Kwame Scruggs and Connie Zweig will join Michael, Will and me as we share stories, read poems, watch clips and do our best to capture the essence of Robert Bly’s influence and creativity.

Here is the link to register for the Tribute to Robert Bly: The Soul is Here for its Own Joy, featuring Michael Meade, Dennis Slattery, Kwame Scruggs and Connie Zweig:

More to follow…

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