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What Women Want: A Lecture from Raïna Manuel-Paris, PhD – June 30

Tuesday, June 30th
at Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles online


What Do Women Want?

Keeping this question in mind, we explore the difficulties of being a woman in a man’s world. From the ancient tale of the Wedding of Dame Ragnell & Sir Gawain, to the Black Lives Matter movement, we will examine how answering this question helps us understand what will serve our society going forward. We are plunged into a brave new world of liminality, at the threshold between what has been and what is yet to come. As we contemplate the role an ancient riddle plays in explaining the essential power of vulnerability, compassion, and self-determination in our current zeitgeist, we uncover the split in women’s psyche, the shadow side of men’s sexuality and the ongoing battle for a civil society.

In service of a handmade and mythical life,


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