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The Embodied Fool is an introductory workshop designed to reveal the wisdom of the Tarot as a guide through life’s initiations via meeting and embodying the Fool.

We will explore  Archetypal Images of the Major Arcana through the hermetic Tree of Life by way of the Fool’s play and disguises.

We’ll search for ourselves in the maze of life and discover ourselves on the stage of life!

We will have fun as we deepen into soul with the guidance of the Fool!

The Tree of Life, mapped with Tarot, offers a mandala for the soul’s journey to consciousness.

The Fool is a symbol of the journeying spirit in each of us as we undergo initiations that lead us from folly to wisdom.

The Fool guides us in meeting and integrating our shadow selves on our journey to wholeness.

By engaging the archetypes of the Tarot’s Major Arcana as initiatory pathways of the soul, we enter into the magic of this profound system where we gain deeper self-understanding, guidance, and meaning in our lives.

Join Ginger Swanson, PhD, CHT and Eva Rider, MA, MFT

Aug. 10th (3pm) – Aug. 12th (1pm) in  Santa Barbara, CA

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