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Road Frame Window: A Poetics of Seeing
Cowritten by Dennis Patrick SlatteryTimothy Donohue, and Stephanie Pope
Stephanie Pope (Afterword)
Jennifer Leigh Selig (Foreword)
The three metaphors chosen by the poets of this volume are understood as three avenues, perspectives and vistas through which poems arise and from which they can be experienced. Poetry brings to the surface other worlds that are not generally part of the ego’s way of understanding. The poems in this volume transport other worlds forward (Road), give them a unique and coherent form (Frame) in order to allow one to see their unique vision more clearly (Window). As such, each of the poems expresses something unique of the symbolic nature of our human narratives by penetrating the familiar worlds we inhabit. Roads, Frames and Windows can open the reader to the realm of forces that move within us both individually and collectively.
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