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From Career to Calling:


A new book from Alumna and Pacifica Adjunct Faculty, Suzanne Cremen.

Finding and following an authentic calling challenges us to bridge both the intuitive, soulful and the hard-edged, material dimensions of everyday life. From Career to Calling: A Depth Psychology Guide to Soul-making Work in Darkening Times opens new avenues for vocational exploration and career inquiry in an imaginative way.

This unique book draws on insights from the field of Jungian and archetypal psychology to re-imagine our attitudes and approaches to work, money, vocational guidance and career development. As people find themselves disillusioned with or disenfranchised from capitalist notions of work and career, Suzanne Cremen’s interdisciplinary approach illuminates how a creative, meaningful and influential work-life can emerge from attending to the archetypal basis of experience. Interweaving elements of her own journey, Cremen connects individual experience with the collective in an original way, spotlighting depression in the legal profession, marginalization of the feminine principle in work environments, and how understanding the roots of our cultural complexes can spark personal callings which facilitate collective transformation.

‘This new work by Suzanne Cremen challenges us to stretch our imagination and consider new perspectives on the making of career and vocation through calling. The pathway to this new understanding is through a reconsideration of basic principles and concepts from depth psychology. While one might question some of the underlying assumptions, this is a journey that is well worth the effort! The book is creative, stimulating and well written. It also has broad application to many of our current psychological and ecological challenges.’
Norman Amundson PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Canada, author of Active Engagement, Essential Elements of Career Counseling, The Physics of Living, Career Pathways and Guiding Circles

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