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By Dr. Katherine Lawson, MA, Ph.D.

The first of its kind, DREAMWORK FOR GROWTH & HEALING: A Guided Dream Journal by dream expert Dr. Katherine Lawson, offers a comprehensive look into the history and neuroscience of dreaming combined with an easy-to-use journal, and accessible step-by-step guide to understanding and interpreting dreams for creativity, healing and growth.

Lawson has spoken widely on the topic of dreamwork as an integrative medicine (Google, Singularity University, Imagine Creativity Center) and has worked with thousands of people individually and in workshops around the world. Drawing from her extensive personal and professional experience and the latest research into the psychology and neuroscience of dreaming, Lawson reveals how dreams can be the keys to gaining insight into our past and our conflicts, as well as insight into how to heal from trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety. “Dream work is soul work,” explains Lawson. “My speciality is making meaning out of suffering and living creatively through trauma. Dreams offer a wealth of untapped information. I want readers to understand that their dreams offer an internal resource that is available to them and to guide them to lean into the power and healing that dreams offer.”

This step-by-step guide provides readers with specific hands-on techniques to help them remember and interpret their dreams, create lasting personal growth and learn the universal symbolism of dreams. In her own personal battle with loss, trauma and cancer, Lawson has witnessed firsthand the power of transforming personal trauma into meaning through understanding her own dreams. Now, with this beautifully illustrated dream journal, Lawson offers readers a much-needed roadmap to navigating and understanding their dreams.

Newly updated to add a special section on understanding dreams during COVID-19, DREAMWORK FOR GROWTH & HEALING is a life-changing tool toward growth, healing and meaning-making.

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