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Just off the press: “Songs from the Depths” by Beth Anne Boardman

“I could not help but think of the relation between poetry and prayer. All of the poems she includes carry a prayerful tone and depth.” ~ Dennis Patrick Slattery

Songs from the Depths is Beth Anne Boardman’s insightful meditative poems in this new volume. Prayer, like poetry, is an act of imagination; the former contains or harbors a form of poiesis, a Greek word that suggests a making or forming or shaping something into a coherent form. One cannot help but sense Beth’s struggles and achievements as she negotiates that narrow gap between poetry and prayer, if indeed there is a gap at all. . . . Her poems are continual surprises at life’s uncertainties bumping up against life’s claimed securities. In the tension between these two is the ellipses of life . . . where we are asked to fill in what we live and how we live it. Her poems are fine and lasting guides to such a meditative place of prayer.”

Beth Anne Boardman, RN, MA, PhD lives in California and New Hampshire. She travels and lectures on the Mythology of Sport; Women and Myth; and the Alchemy of Adolescence, in addition to consulting as a writer to websites. Her career spans work as a registered nurse, grant-writer, the study of world dance and music, and the profound joy of raising two children. She received an MA in Literature from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and many years later, her PhD in Mythology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology for the successful defense of her dissertation, Diving into Darkness: Adolescents in the United States, available on ProQuest. She has read and written poetry since childhood.

Now available at:…/dp/1950186253

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