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Local residents report dreams about swarming bugs, illness and a chaotic President Trump

(Excerpt from the San Diego Union Tribune article by Pam Kragen)

Not long after the coronavirus pandemic dramatically changed San Diegans’ daily lives in March, it started taking over their nights, as well.

Local residents — like millions of others around the world — have been having frequent, vivid and often disturbing dreams inspired by their anxieties about COVID-19. Type the phrase #coviddreams or #coronadreams into Twitter and you’ll see thousands of posts by celebrities, athletes, health care workers and everyday folks sharing their strange and puzzling pandemic-fueled dreams.

Estela Bobadilla, [2007 Pacifica MA Counseling alumna] a San Diego psychotherapist who specializes in dream analysis, said she noticed an immediate uptick in patients reporting coronavirus-related dreams after the stay-at-home orders began two months ago.

To respond to the sudden need, she set aside Sunday appointments just for first responders and offers free appointments to people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. (Read the entire article at San Diego Union-Tribune)

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