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23rd Australasian Conference of Irish Studies
‘Myth and Memory’
27 November to 30 November 2018, 
University of Sydney (Camperdown Campus)

The theme of the 23rd Australasian Irish Studies conference ‘myth and memory’ captures debates in both modern and medieval Irish Studies. Our conference occurs at the centenary of a period of change in Ireland, during which were born new narratives of 1916—both as triumph and defeat. There were increasingly conflicted memories of WW1. The cultural life that surrounded the changing political scene included many revivals of imagery from the a distant, sometimes mythological, past, with a renewed investment in Celtic art, language and literature.

Nicola N. Tannion, 2017 PhD Myth will offer a presentation titled, “Women of the Rising and the Tara Brooch: Confluence of Symbol, Myth and Memory”.  ‘ I am delighted to have the opportunity to present at this prestigious academic event on Wednesday 28th November, 2018. I will focus on the power of symbols to activate mythic imagination within Irish history by utilizing Irish mythic narratives to fuel political action. My presentation pulls directly from my studies and dissertation,’ explains Nicola.  A partial abstract is included below:

“Women’s contributions to the Rising are unquestioned even though the extent of their efforts has only recently been fully acknowledged. Photographs of the women reveal often overlooked aspects such as the interconnectivity between the Tara broach, three key stages in Irish history, and how the women of Ireland connected them by activating both imagination and memory to evoke change.”

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