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Dr. Edward Santana is an organizational consultant, coach, and clinical therapist who specializes in bridging business and psychology. He is an experienced strategist, startup consultant, Ogilvy PR alum, adjunct professor, therapist, and former Capitol Hill staff member. He works with individuals and teams on issues of connection, performance, vision, and growth by deepening understanding and alignment with the deepest aspects of self, soul, and the collective. In addition to his therapy and coaching practice, he advises organizations on how to expand insight and consciousness by delving far deeper into the hidden psychological and cultural layers that create the foundations for powerful change, innovation, and social impact. He earned a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Penn State University and spent two years at Georgetown University earning three professional certifications in Executive Coaching, Senior Executive Leadership, and Transformational Leadership. He is the author of Jung and Sex, an acclaimed book about C.G. Jung’s contributions to sex and sexuality. He works with clients in downtown San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as clients online from around the world.

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