Jo ToddAustin, TX

    Jo Todd, PhD (Depth Psych 2006) is the founding director of Healing Alliances, an organization focusing on facilitating personal and social alchemy through the reweaving of lost, invisible wisdom back into the lives of individuals and groups. Jo believes expanding dialogues-of-depth into our communities is vital in today’s culture. She is convinced our future depends on creating healing alliances, within and without, with all of our relations.  Her hope is that we attend these shadowy times as a kairos, a perfect moment, to invite the unexpected into life.  Jo serves on the PGIAA Board of Directors and has also acted as Director of the Association’s Regional Coordinators for the last 4 years. Creating a strong sense of community between students, alumni, faculty, and staff, Jo says, offers a foundation for change. In building a robust alumni association, we invite dialogues, birthing healing into our world.

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