Dorathea ThompsonNew York, NY

    Licensed Integrative Psychoanalyst, private practice, NYC (1996 – present)
    (Counseling Psychology, Overseas Program, Pacifica Graduate Institute 1994)

    Entrepreneur & President Sojourn Company, Design & Real Estate firm servicing the NYC Corporate community (1987 – 2001)

    Professional, working at Corporate 500 companies (1980 – 1987)

    Dorathea is a licensed Integrative Psychoanalyst in private practice in NYC, versed in numerous healing modalities and adept in various spiritual traditions. She is also a teacher, presenter and writer whose most recent article “The Ever Present Encounter With The Soul” was published in NAMAH, a Journal on Integral Health, from the Sri Aurobindo Society, in Puducherry, India. (July 2016). A global and defining core value that acts as her compass is “Soul”, whether referring to soul tending, a soulful life, a soulful gathering or soul of the world.

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