Allyn Enderlyn, Ph.DClinical Psychology with Depth Emphasis, 2013

    Tell us about Your Work –

    My life’s journey/work is really an embodiment of what I know; that is, that psyche is real and independent. Psyche is on a journey in which I am playing a role at this time. What is practical to write in this short piece, perhaps, is my stance, which is essentially watching my professional life unfold, according to an a priori arrangement, so to speak.

    My private practice clients are usually, if not always, coming from cross-cultural backgrounds or currently in families of 2, 3 or more nationalities. My teaching currently is graduate level psychological assessment. My personal interests, not surprisingly, are the Rorschach and projective methods.


    What is most rewarding about it; what makes it all worthwhile?

    My treasured experience at Pacifica, my awakening to Jungian thought and to the unconscious in the early 1970’s, my pilgrimage later that decade to my migrant paternal roots in central Switzerland, my work for the United Nations, and then the subsequent chapters, were and are all part of what I experience each day as truly amazing.


    What are the most critical problems faced?

    Part of my journey has been spiraling back again to the inter-national world of Geneva, a home to at least 194 nationalities and diverse cultures. We are truly in the grip of the global refugee crisis and many other devastating humanitarian needs.


    If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you, what would be your “dream” achievement?

    I always held lightly in my mind the truth that I would be going back to Switzerland, this time not as a UN diplomatic level staff, but as a participant in the evolving consciousness in this complex parallel universe in the heart of Europe. I did not know to what extent I could be credentialed, and yet, in 2004, I had sent my initial request for information to the Swiss authorities. Now, 12 years later, I am fully independent and able to practice throughout the country. For this interview I was asked, “What would you be celebrating a year from now as your ‘dream’ achievement?” I think this is it, at least for now.


    How do you keep a healthy work/life balance?

    An outside observer would say I keep my life balanced and healthy through, for example, sports, photography, and many diverse friendships. More privately, I continue the solitary tasks of research, writing, and working on the historic archives, which began with my dissertation.


    About Pacifica and You –

    What brought you to Pacifica?

    After leaving the UN, my decision to spiral back to my original love for psychology was unwavering. My choice to apply to Pacifica was absolute.


    How has your Pacifica degree served you professionally and/or personally?

    The many sacrifices and challenges during the PhD years were for me, as well as for fellow students, certainly difficult. Being able to house my writing, in particular my dissertation, but also all 74 papers, in a contained space with the wisdom and compassion of the professors, was priceless.


    Any last thoughts/a favorite quote?

    I continue to be grateful for my Pacifica experience, and proud to represent our values, on my lifelong journey.

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