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A Moment of Silence: An Ode to Spirit

Minh Tran2017 MA Counseling Psychology & PhD Student, Integrative Therapy & Healing Practices


I heard so clearly, in the uncomfortable silence, Mother Earth’s anger and Her fury. She demands a moment of silence! A breath to be taken. A pause to be given. A slowing, slowing, of pace and practice. [breathe, pause, hold]. This is what I heard from the silence that exists between in-breath and out-breath:

A cough! Then a gasp. Then, a release.
A cough! A gasp! A release.
..Ashes to ashes, dust to Dust..

I feel so much soul in good-byes. In tarot, the Death card in the major arcana is classically described as “transition.” The moment of death of the flesh is perhaps where the sacrifice of the body assists in the transcendence of the spirit. Into where or what? Mystery. Back to utter Mystery I suppose. So, it’d be wise to mind one’s relationship with Mystery.

I have argued that creation happens in the moment soul unites with spirit. But that’s the soul’s perspective. Spirit romanticizes soul, I believe. This romanticization incarnates spirit. Spirit is captured by soul’s beauty. It returns, again and again. Return into what? Intricacy. Interdependent co-arising. Novelty. God outdoes Itself ad infinitum. It’d be smart to then mind who One Is.

| —————————————————————–|—————————————————————– |

Ba, trong vòng sáng của Trí Huệ, từ Biển Khổ về Vô Thường, hãy nghiên, nghiên vào Vô Ngã. Tên con là Trần Minh Hoàng, con giữa của Trần Văn Minh

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