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The Marion Woodman Memorial Rose Spiral
Text Shared via Marshall Chrostowski
Photographs Shared via
Joanne Lopez Hayden
& Dianne Travis-Teague

My crew and I have just completed the remaking of the Marion Woodman Memorial Rose Spiral on the Ladera Lane campus of Pacifica Graduate Institute. Marion Woodman is no longer able to travel and will be missing the international symposium sponsored by the Marion Woodman Foundation and the Institute, Nov. 6, 7 and 8. We worked hard to complete the re-landscaping in time for the closing ceremony which will be held at the Spiral on Sunday the 8th.
I would especially like to thank Linda Buzzell-Saltzman and other lovers of heritage roses and the SB Rose Society for donating some of their favorite old roses for the project. Also, Thomas Gottwald and crew designed and built a special gateway into the Spiral and installed a protective fence to exclude the large deer herd on the property.
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