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The Pacifica Experience: A One-Day Introduction to Pacifica’s Degree Programs

[pullquote] Once, I came to a public program. There, others spoke the language of Myth and Depth. I dreamed of coming back as a student — and I did! I dreamed of finishing my Ph.D. — and I did!
Beth Boardman, 
Ph.D. | Mythological Studies 2012

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• Alumni Names & Faces •


Alumni Presenters

Many presenters — usually members of the Pacifica faculty, sometimes Pacifica graduates — offer lectures as part of the day’s introduction to Pacifica. Past presenters include:
Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology, 1992) | Core Faculty, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Kipnis ≥ Aaron

Alumni Panelists

A general session during Pacifica’s Introduction Day invites alumni from various Pacifica programs to share their personal experiences of the Pacifica experience. Past panelists include:
Cathy Diorio, Ph.D. (Mythological Studies, 2010)
Diorio ≥ Cathy

Lupe Zuniga, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology, 2001)
Zuniga ≥ Lupe

Alonso Dominguez, M.A. (Counseling Psychology, 2009)
Dominguez ≥ Alonso

Stephen Jones, Ph.D. (Depth Psychology, 2011)
Jones ≥ Stephen

Kathleen Barry, Ph.D. (Depth Psychology, 2010)
Katherine Bradford, Ph.D. (Mythological Studies, 2006)

Dara Marks, Ph.D. (Mythological Studies, 2005)
Marks ≥ Dara

Patricia Taylor, Ph.D. (Depth Psychology, 2007)
Taylor ≥ Patricia

Doug Thomas, Ph.D. (Depth Psychotherapy, 2010)
Thomas ≥ Doug

Richelle Gibson-Kottler, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology, 2009)

Susan Kacvinsky, M.A. (Engaged Humanities, 2008)
Kacvinsky ≥ Susan

Matthew Green, Ph.D. (Depth Psychology, 2007)
Green > Matthew

Eugene Ahn, M.A. (Engaged Humanities, 2010)
Ahn ≥ Eugene

Alumni Association Representatives

Members of the Pacifica Graduate Alumni Association (PGIAA) attend Introduction Days to answer questions, swap stories, and help make the day fun. Past attendees include:
Lupe Zuniga, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology, 2001)

Sherrie Sims Allen, M.A. (Depth Psychology, 2010)
Allen > Sherrie Sims

Holly Reusing, M.A. (Counseling Psychology, 2005)
Reusing ≥ Holly

Melvin Allen, M.A. (Depth Psychology, 2010)
Allen ≥ Melvin

Toby Hooper, Ph.D. (Mythological Studies, 2008)
Terry Nash, M.A. (Counseling Psychology, 1989)
Abi Katz, M.A. (Counseling Psychology, 1984)

Gina Belton, M.A. (Depth Psychology, 2011)
Belton ≥ Gina

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