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Dianne Travis-Teague named Associate Director of Alumni Affairs

originally posted on 5 Mar 2012

Dear Colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that I tell you that Dianne Travis-Teague has been named to the position of Associate Director of Alumni Affairs. In this position she will continue to act as the Chancellor’s liaison with the Alumni Association, working closely and directly with alumni organizing regional events, reunions, and programs that support the offices of Admissions, Public Programs, and Student Services. She will also continue in her role as Assistant to the Chancellor, coordinating activities of the Chancellor’s Office with other departments on campus and handling scheduling for the Chancellor locally and internationally.

Dianne’s commitment and enthusiasm is remarkable and infectious. Her efforts are central to the Alumni Association’s exciting initiation. She has led the way by organizing a series of successful regional events, and by making possible an Alumni Association website that currently offers an Alumni Directory, an Alumni Publications Directory, Alumni Profiles, and innovative ways of communicating the Pacifica Alumni experience, including a “Key Voices” blogging initiative that presents members from all walks of the Institute in virtual dialogue with alumni. Also underway are some very exciting projects that Dianne has identified as part of a new vision of alumni engagement within the Pacifica community. PGI Tête-à-Tête® seeks to demonstrate the relevance of Depth Psychology in contemporary culture with high-impact engagements that pair alumni, faculty, and the public at large. A project known as “Dissertation Hothouse” will engage alumni in mentorship and supporting roles for Ph.D. candidates on the dissertation journey.

In addition to a coordinating and supervising countless volunteer alumni professionals, Dianne will begin overseeing a staff of interns funded by the University of California. We at the Chancellor’s Office want to congratulate Dianne on all that she has accomplished thus far and wish her every success as the Alumni Association continues its extraordinary evolution. The Alumni Association has got heart, mind, and soul, and Dianne is very much a guiding light, inspiration, and force helping to orchestrate what is now a beautiful choir of voices speaking on behalf of their personal work and enacting the Pacifica mission in the world. Simply put, Dianne is beloved by our alumni and is treasured by many inside and outside of Pacifica for all that she does to make the world a better and more humane place!


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