In Reflections from the Chancellor

Dear Alums,

On the eve of our 40th Anniversary Year of the inception of Pacifica, I was particularly touched by the events at the May Information Day at Pacifica. That day was particularly inspiring and emotionally rewarding. The Pacifica soul-body was nourished by wonderful faculty presentations, and our staff was gracious as they embodied the hospitality that lives at the heart of our core values. All Department teams were truly outstanding in personal and professional ways. And, perhaps, most touching was our Alumni/ae. Their presentations of the transformational experiences they experienced while attending Pacifica was nothing less than profound. Many of us had tears in our eyes as Liz Rodriguez, Abner Flores and Angela DeVita offered their accounts of the work they are doing in their communities and in clinical practices. Their accounts inspired the many prospective students gathered for that first day on campus. Remember your first day?

This Saturday we will be hosting another Information Day with over one hundred prospective students intending to participate. Each is considering Pacifica as the next step in their life’s journey.  This weekend, William Jones of the Clinical Psych Program, Gail-Jean Padilla of the M.A. con Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. Candidate, Tom Lyon of the M.A. Counseling Psych. Program, and Elisa Hallerman of the Somatic Program will be participating on the Alumni Panel and interacting with folks throughout the day, sharing their particular experiences and telling of their work in the world.

At the May Gathering one story in particular was heart felt. A mother who accompanied one the applicants came up to me at a break and with wide open eyes and a sense of deep belonging combined with heart felt pride and said, “I cannot think of a better place for my daughter to get her graduate degree.” I believe her words spoke for most everybody who visited both campuses that weekend.  Our community is rooted in academic excellence, a soul centered mission, and above all a collegial learning community centered around the depth of experience alive at the core of our humanity and regard for the poetics of psyche.

The Pacifica mission of tending soul in and of the world is embodied by the good work offered by you, our alums. Like soul-sparks illuminating the path that so many in our lineage have walked, your service sustains the dream that is Pacifica Graduate Institute. Indeed, your many accomplishments and contributions support those who are now in coursework and those who will come to our campuses in the decades to come.
With deep appreciation for all we bring to make the world a better place for all being,

~ Steve

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