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We Would Like to tell you about Pacifica’s MA Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life:
a unique masters program for thriving in the twentyfirst century! (Chair: Dr Susan Rowland)

We offer a hybrid (online with one 4 day residential each quarter) master program designed for the challenges of the twentyfirst century in making people creative, more responsive to changing paradigms and technology, more authentic, grounded, psychologically healthy, insightful, intuitive and effective. Our age is infamous for record mental health problems, accelerating anxiety, an atomized social system and de-stabilizing technological change. Only a community with exceptional creativity skills can thrive in such conditions. Pacifica’s MA Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life was specifically devised to overcome these challenges.

With a framework of depth psychology, Engaged Humanities fosters creativity in a uniquely effective way by drawing upon those aspects of the human psyche neglected by the constructs of post-industrial western modernity. The twentyfirst century needs far more than the highly rationalized and mechanistic thinking perfected in the industries and sciences of the twentieth. It also needs the imagination, capacity for the new, intuitive insight into other cultures and what is not yet fully known, the ability to dream and especially the ability to engage in deep and free flowing creative collaboration. Expanding creativity is the core of the Engaged Humanities MA, meaning the talent for making anew, for re-thinking traditional structures, for deep listening to what is said and unsaid, for generating images for the not yet known or conceived for the ability to work so intensely with others that shared visioning and collaborative worlds are made and re-made.

Our unique program therefore has three foundations: the humanities as engaged in making culture; depth psychology treating the psyche or soul as an intensely creative organ, and creative practice as a way of developing being human and engaging with the world. For all who want to realize their creative potential, the MA Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life seeks those of you who want to join a creative program not so much of the world; but for it!

Susan Rowland, Program Chair (below is a picture of a manadala created by collaborative practice on the program)

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